Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaley's Keychain goals.

Reading: By the end of the year I will finish the book inkheart.
To achieve it I will read as much as I can in a day and take inkheart home to read.

Writing: By the end of the year I will have better puncuation in all of my writing.
To achieve it I will read my writing out loud to myself and check every single word and make sure all me writing looks right. (Eg: Dont, Don't)

Maths: By the end of this year I will learn my divided by's.
To achieve this I will go on tutpup twice every three days.


Kaley's Learning in Term 4.

This term we have been learning about wearable arts. The type of wearable arts we have been learning is making a costume from trash. We have learnt about, wires, stiching, making patterns and different ways of using paper to make a peise of pattern. We also had to chose a theme. Now we are nearly finished our costume making. Our groups them was the ocean. We have blue fabric on the front, also some blue ribbon. On the scirt we have blue ribbon, seaweed, fabric fishes and a fishing hook. In reading, we have been reading in a litrace circle. This means we chose a part of the book (Eg: Chapter 1 to 10.) And everyone reads that peice of text. After everyone has finished, we reflect on the story of the part we read. We all have special thing to reflect on (Eg: Passage picker) After we are done reflecting, We chose another bit of the story to read. (Eg: 11 to 18.)

They have been what we have been learning. They are also my highlights.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zone Athiletics

Hi on Thursday 3 November we had Zone Athiletics it was a awesome event lots of fun to be had.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What we have been up to


We have been doing a lot of work this term, including a couple of trips, on Wednesday last month the year 5/6 went ice skating. It was a bit of a challenge at the start for some people but they got used to it.

2 weeks ago we started swimming lessons, we have just finished today. There were 3 groups at STARFISH, grp 1,2 and 3.
The first group did their lengths to half way and the other two groups went all the way

Ice skating

This term our team went ice skating at alpine was challenging for the first hour and then it got really easy.We were there for 4 and a half hours it was so fun cant wait to go back.

By Matt


Hi this term we went swimming for 2 weeks!!!It was awesome we swam 200 meters freestyle and backstroke!! Posted by Ben Crowley!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Term 3

Hi and welcome to term 3 this term we will have lots in store for term 3
like AVAILLL, ice-skating, swimming, sexuality road plus heaps more!!!!!

Posted by Ben